How to Use as per Agreement in a Sentence

As per agreement is a common phrase used in legal documents and formal writing to express that something is done in accordance with a previously agreed upon condition. For instance, if two parties have come to an understanding on the payment terms of a contract, then the payment can be made as per agreement.

To use as per agreement in a sentence correctly, it`s crucial to understand the context in which it`s being used. Here are some tips to help you use it correctly:

1. Identify the agreement

Before using the phrase, you need to ensure that there is an agreement in place. This agreement could be a contract, a memorandum of understanding, or any other legally binding document that specifies the terms and conditions of an arrangement.

For instance: As per the agreement signed between the two parties, the payment for the goods will be made in three installments.

2. Use it in place of “according to”

As per agreement can be used interchangeably with “according to,” especially in formal writing. Therefore, if you prefer to use “according to” instead of “as per,” ensure that the sentence`s meaning remains the same.

For instance: According to the agreement reached between the two parties, the company will provide the necessary resources to complete the project.

3. Be mindful of the tense

When using this phrase, it`s essential to ensure that the tense is consistent with the agreement`s timing. If the agreement was signed in the past tense, then the phrase should be used in the same tense.

For instance: As per the agreement signed last year, the company will provide the necessary support to the project.

4. Simplify the sentence

As per agreement can be quite a mouthful, so it`s essential to keep the sentence as concise as possible. You can achieve this by using the phrase at the beginning of the sentence or by using it as a modifier.

For instance: As per the agreement, the project will be completed in three months.

In conclusion, using “as per agreement” is a great way to emphasize that something is being done in line with a previous agreement. By following the tips outlined above, you can use the phrase correctly in your writing and ensure that your message is conveyed clearly.

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